Our Scripts

Maverick has a wide variety of scripts for you to choose from and the list keeps getting longer every year!

Great shows like:

“Three of Hearts”


Where the three lovely songbirds who were supposed to perform at your party become three hilarious murder suspects


“Death of an American Idol”

Its audition time again for the hit American television phenomenon American Idol. Come join our cast of wacky Idol hopefuls as they try one last time to make their Idol dreams come true.
These star struck rejects will do anything; even commit murder for fame and fortune.
Don’t be surprised if there are other Idol hopefuls hidden in your group with talents of which you were not aware.

“Marriage Can Be Murder”


The Honor of your presence is requested for the wedding of Maxwell Scammer Jr.
Maxwell Scammer Jr., heir to the scammazon.com fortune, must be married by midnight on his 40th birthday or he will lose control of the family business.
Come help us to celebrate this wonderful event but beware Jealousy, Greed, Comedy and Murder are also on the guest list!

“Mommy Dearest”

You may think your mother can be a little demanding, but baby you ain’t seen nothing yet! Join us for a meet and greet with world renowned romance writer Jenny Bloom and an evening of fun and murder that will have your head spinning trying to figure out what really happened!

“A Down Home Homicide”

It’s the last chance for peace between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Have a taste for murder Hillbilly style?

“Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”

The world of daytime TV talk shows comes to your event. Strap yourself in because when the cast of the hit show, “Gotcha,” shows up its going to be a wild ride!

“Who Killed The Boss”


On line dating and murder what a great combination!

“Two Wives Too Many”

Need we say anything more?

“The Curse Of The Wolfstone”

Curses, Vampires, immortality, and let’s not forget murder.

“Aphrodisiac Of Death” 

A nerd chemist discovers the perfect aphrodisiac. Too bad he won’t live long enough to enjoy it!

And the list goes on and on…

     Since 1994 Maverick has been writing and performing shows for clients nationwide.You can choose from one of our many scripts.
We can modify most of our shows to fit your needs. We can even write a custom script just for your event or your group!

      Enjoy all of the fun and intrigue of our standard dinner mystery, but with a personal touch. We can incorporate your company product, catch phrases, supervisors, employees, and even your competition into a scenario that’s just right for you.

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