Our Actors

We employ only professional actors. We never try to pass off the wait staff as our talent like some other murder mystery “Theme” shows. Our actors are trained professionals and most of them have worked with us for many years. Where else can you enjoy a great evening of interactive comedy and have dinner with a rising star?

Our Cast has been featured in major TV shows and Movies! Just to name a few:

Matlock, Unsolved Mysteries, House of Cards, America’s Most Wanted, Homicide Life on the Streets, Criminal Minds, Dawson’s Creek, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Dating Game, A Haunting, General Hospital, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Lincoln, The Sixth Sense, Border Town, Rush Hour 2, Nights in Rodanthe, A Haunting, Deuce Coupe, King of the Hill, Law and Order, Full House, John Adam’s, Mad Men, and Seinfeld!

Want to Join the Maverick Team?

Are you interested in joining our troupe? Maverick holds individual auditions with each perspective talent at our main office in Norfolk VA. To set up an audition with Maverick we require a recent head shot and resume be sent to maverickprod@msn.com for consideration. We will contact you with further information if you meet our requirements!

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