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Imagine suspects and victims enter the room and mingle with the guests. Our detective arrives and alerts the guests that a crime will take place here tonight.
Guests are deputized. The new deputies are given the tools they will need to solve the crime and a few rules to follow.
A gunshot is heard, a victim stumbles back into the room, dies, and "the game's afoot."
There is no stage. The action takes place among your guests.
Our top-notch detective takes over the investigation and because the actors are mixed in with the guests, everyone is a suspect!

Our scripts range from wildly hilarious comedies to stories based on historical fact, and if you're not careful, you might even learn something while your having fun.

Our detective will lead the audience
through the investigation as it
twists and turns. The actors eat
dinner at the tables with the guests
so the investigation never stops.
Guests are encouraged to examine
physical evidence and to question
the suspects as our talented actors
twist and turn the truth to cast
suspicion on everyone but themselves.

We don't have six weeks to wait for evidence to come back form the lab. We have to solve the crime in one night so we don't have time to use tinker toys like fingerprints and DNA.
Guests have to depend on their wits and their powers of observation to solve the crime.

Everything you need to solve
the crime will be presented to
you in the room in one form or
another. The evidence can be
either physical or implied.
At the end of the show the
detective will lead the guests
through the "wrap up", naming
the killer and explaining how and why the crime was committed and how they solved the case.

When we figure out who the guilty party is, there's no long drawn out trial phase with some high dollar Attorney saying the killer was a misunderstood child and mommy didn't love him enough.
When we figure out whom the guilty party is "WE TAKE OUT THE TRASH"

All of our shows end with a shoot out and the bad guy or gal always leaves feet first!

The most important aspect of a Maverick Murder Mystery is that we want this to be YOUR entertainment package and we will work to accommodate your needs in any way we can.
Murder mysteries bring out the "snoop" in everyone. We will "do the crime" and the rest is up to you and your guests, with a little devious assistance from us.
Murder weapons, Crime scenes, Physical evidence, and a "Warm victim will be provided.
Maverick strives to provide the best in interactive entertainment. From the scripts to the professional casts you are assured a quality product at a reasonable price.
                       MAVERICK IS "DYING" TO SHOW YOU
                                    AND YOUR GUESTS
                         "A MURDEROUSLY GOOD TIME"

                       Maverick Productions Norfolk VA.