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  Are you looking for a night out thats "to die for"?


   How about a evening of "killer" entertainment?

If so then join us for one of our murder mystery dinner shows at the new Foggy Point Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, located inside of the beautiful Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel in Portsmouth Virginia.

Maverick Productions, Hampton Roads number one murder mystery company is excited to announce the opening of the Foggy Point Murder Mystery Dinner Theater in downtown Portsmouth!  


For 15 years Locals and tourists alike have come to expect nothing but the very best from Maverick Productions and anyone who has experienced the beauty and luxury of the Renaissance Portsmouth hotel knows it is unmatched by any other hotel on the Elizabeth River.
What better combination than to bring these two elements together for an incredible evening?

Enjoy our all-you-can-eat buffet including Soups, Salads, Chefs Carved Prime Rib, Roasted Breast of Chicken, Limon Dilled Salmon, Scrumptious Deserts and more, all while enjoying the most beautiful harbor view in Hampton Roads.

Be a part of the show in Tidewaters best fully interactive murder mystery dinner show.

Don't be fooled by other murder mystery theaters who call themselves interactive.
This is not a "theme" show! We never try to pass the wait staff as actors.
Our casts include some of the best professional actors on the East Coast.
Interrogate suspects and examine evidence to solve a hilarious crime.
Lots of prizes every night for the best and most amusing solutions.

Join us for a great night of fun you are not soon to forget.

                  How We Do It

Imagine suspects and victims enter the room and mingle with the guests. Our detective arrives and alerts the guests that a crime will take place here tonight.
Guests are deputized. The new deputies are given the tools they will need to solve the crime and a few rules to follow.
A gunshot is heard, a victim stumbles back into the room, dies, and "the game's afoot."

There is no stage. The action takes place among the guests.
Our top-notch detective takes over the investigation and because the actors are mixed in with the guests, everyone is a suspect!

Our scripts range from wildly hilarious comedies to stories based on historical fact, and if you're not careful, you might even learn something while you're having fun.

Our detective will lead the audience through the investigation as it twists and turns. The actors eat dinner at the tables with the guests so the investigation never stops.

Guests are encouraged to examine physical evidence and to question the suspects as our talented actors twist and turn the truth to cast suspicion on everyone but themselves.

At the end of the show the detective will lead the guests
through the "wrap up", naming the killer and explaining how and why the crime was committed and how they solved the case.

After the bad guy or gal is dispatched lots prizes are awarded for the best solutions to the crime and special prizes are given for the most entertaining solutions.


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Sorry but our "Open to the public" performances at our Portsmouth location are closed for the season.

We are however still available for private parties and other functions at this location year-round.
                 (Call for dates and availabilty)

You can still catch us at our Virginia Beach location  call 757-587-3883 for more information.           

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Dates are available for groups and private functions upon request.

                For information on private functions please call
                       Maverick Productions at: 757-587-3883.