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            Maverick Productions invites you to join us on a five day
                            murder mystery cruise to paradise!
                              Maverick Productions proudly presents the hilarious comedy;
The Honor of your presence is requested for the wedding of Maxwell Scammer Jr. 
                  Maxwell Scammer Jr., heir to the scammazon.com fortune, must be married
                by midnight on his 40th birthday or he will lose control of the family business.
                     Come help us to celebrate this wonderful event but beware Jealousy,
                              Greed, Comedy and Murder are also on the guest list!

Imagine after we are underway suspects and victims enter the room for our first gathering and mingle with the guests. Our detective arrives and alerts the guests that a crime will take place onboard ship that night.
Guests are deputized. The new deputies are given the tools they will need to solve the crime and a few rules to follow.
A gunshot is heard, a victim stumbles back into the room, dies, and "the game's afoot."
There is no stage. The action takes place among you, our guests.
top-notch detective will take over the investigation and because the actors are mixed in with the guests, everyone is a suspect!

Our detective will lead the audience through the investigation as it twists and turns.
Guests are encouraged to examine physical evidence and to question the suspects as our talented actors twist and turn the truth to cast suspicion on everyone but themselves.

Don't be fooled by those other so called Murder Mystery cruises where you have to do all the work.
At Maverick we never force you to be "Actors we don't have to pay".

You are on vacation. You don't want or need to work to be entertained.
You chose to take a cruise because you didn't want to work!

You cruise because you want to unwind and let someone else take care of everything, leaving you to be truly relaxed and have the time of your life.

On a Maverick Murder Mystery cruise there's no need to study your role for weeks to prepare for the show or pack some sort of costume for your "Character".
More importantly you won't have to worry that other guests will constantly interrupt your vacation to ask you questions and interrogate you and your friends or family while you are trying to enjoy your vacation.

At Maverick we take care of the entertainment so you can spend all of your time having fun
If you are the kind of person who wants to make yourself a part of the show our talented performers will be more than happy to make you a suspect, but that's up to you.

Don't worry that the mystery might take too much of your time and keep you from enjoying all of the other wonderful activities offered during your cruise.
Murder mystery meetings will be held at scheduled times while we are underway in an attempt not to interfere with other prime events and the murder mystery suspects will be available for further interrogation during meals.

Relax there's no need to worry if you miss one of our gatherings because our detective will keep you up to date on new information or developments in the case with "Murder Mystery Investigation Updates" that will be delivered to your cabin daily.

Murder mysteries bring out the "snoop" in everyone. We will "do the crime!" All you have to do is have fun, with a little devious assistance from us.
Murder weapons, Crime scenes, Physical evidence, and a "Warm victim will be provided.

            Maverick Productions wants to give you a cruise experience that's "To die for!"
       So sit back, enjoy the show, and let our professionals take care of the entertainment.

  Maverick Productions
Murder Mystery Cruise
       Murder mystery cruise to the bahamas
Maverick Productions is happy to join the beautiful city of Charleston South Carolina in welcoming Carnival Cruise lines and the newly refurbished Carnival        Fantasy, as Southern charm meets big fun from this incredible new port.                   





                 RATES WILL INCREASE!
                   GREAT DEALS                                          
A limited number of cabins are still available!
  Ask about group rates and special discounts for early reservations.


                                          "A MURDEROUSLY GOOD TIME"
                                          Maverick Productions Norfolk VA