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     Print this page or pull it up on your smart phone and and bring it to the   theater for Ten dollars off per couple on admission  to the show

   The Get A Clue Murder

Mystery Dinner Theater
             5237 Providence Road, in Virginia Beach Virginia.
                           Inside of The Providence Square Grill.


   $ 5.00 off per Person on Adult admission
                                             with coupon.
         Coupon not redeemable for Package deals or on specialty weekends.
Murder Mystery performed by Maverick Productions 757-587-3883


                                                        Reservations required.
                                               Coupon applied after tax and gratuity.
                                     Coupon can not be combined with any other offer.
                   Coupon not valid for Valentines weekend or New Years Eve performances.
Cancellation of reservations within 24 hours before performance will result in a $25.00 per person
                                                           cancellation fee.
                                                   Still photography welcomed.
                                       No videotaping or video equipment allowed.


                 VIRGINIA BEACH"
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