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  Dinner Theatre
   Maverick Productions
  invites you to join us for
a Murder Mystery weekend
       beyond compare.
Maverick Productions, Virginia's number one murder mystery producer has teamed up with Church Point Manor Historic Inn, in Virginia Beach to offer you the ultimate murder mystery experience.

The action starts on Saturday
We will gather for our first meeting on Saturday, but be on the look out because the weekend's suspects and victims will all be in the room too mingling with the guests.
Guests will be introduced to the detective.
The new deputies will be given the tools they will need to solve the evenings crimes and a few rules to follow and "the game's afoot."

There is no stage. The action takes place among you the guests.
Our top-notch detective will take over the investigation and because the actors are mixed in with the guests, everyone is a suspect (maybe even you)!
The detective will lead the audience through the investigation as it twists and turns while our talented actors bend the truth to cast suspicion on everyone but themselves.
Beware, that stranger at your table may be a killer or a potential murder victim.

Guests are encouraged to examine the physical evidence on the evidence table and to question the suspects.
We won't have six weeks to wait for evidence to come back form the lab. We'll have to solve the crimes in one evening so we won't have time to use tinker toys like fingerprints and DNA.
Guests will have to depend upon their wits and their powers of observation
to solve the crimes.
Everything needed to solve the crimes will be presented to the guests in one form
or another. The evidence can be either physical or implied so keep your eyes and ears open.

At the end of the evening the detective will lead the guests through the "wrap up", naming the killer and explaining how and why the crimes were committed and how they solved the case and the announce winners.

When we figure out who the guilty party is, there's no long drawn out trial.
After we identify the killer "WE TAKE OUT THE TRASH"
So the bad guy or gal always leaves feet first!

Don't be fooled by those other so called Murder Mystery shows where you have to do all the work.
We never try to pass the Inn Staff off as actors. This is not a "theme" show! Our casts include some of the best professional actors on the East Coast, faces you may have seen on primetime television or in feature films.

At Maverick we never force you to be "Actors we don't have to pay".

This is your getaway weekend; you don't want or need to work to be entertained.
You want to unwind and let someone else take care of everything, leaving you to be truly relaxed and have the time of your life.

With a Maverick Murder Mystery there's no need to study your role for weeks to prepare for the show or pack some sort of costume for your "Character".
At Maverick we take care of the entertainment so you can spend all of your time having fun.
If you are the kind of person who wants to make yourself a part of the show our talented performers will be more than happy to make you a suspect, but that's up to you.

Sorry but our Churchpoint Manor location is closed for renovations.
           We will post dates as soon as they are available.
Your accommodations
Experience the sumptuous elegance of Church Point Manor
Historic Inn in Virginia Beach. This 1860's
farmhouse is exquisitely furnished with European and American
art and antiques. Porches all around the house with inviting
wicker furniture are perfect for a cool glass of iced tea or
a hot cup of coffee. You may also enjoy a glass of wine or beer
down in the Pub and Taproom.
Recapture the romance of yesteryear, both in our house
and as you explore the historic towns of Jamestown, Yorktown
and Williamsburg...all an easy drive from the Manor House.


                                                          Located one mile from the Chesapeake Bay and six miles from the oceanfront.       The Virginia Beach area offers many diverse attractions, from Seashore State Park with its beautiful hiking trails to the Marine Science Museum, giving your children a chance to explore Science. Virginia Beach is also the home of several premiere golf courses.

Church Point Manor Historic Inn has been designed to spoil you,
to delight your every sense and to leave you refreshed
at the end of your stay, however brief it may be.
You won't want to leave, but you will want to return.

We're just dying to give you more information
so please call (757) 460-2657 and make your
reservations now.

We have a limited number of rooms available
and expect this exciting event to sell out quickly!

             Maverick Productions Norfolk VA.